Public Records & Reverse Phone Lookups

How Public Records & Reverse Phone Lookups are Connected

Public records are pieces of information that are not confidential in nature, such as a name, address, gender, etc. Every individual has the right to access this public information.

Reverse phone lookups are a tool used to view those public records. By running a reverse phone lookup, you get data about the phone number you are inquiring about.

Are public records accessible to anyone?

Yes, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides public access to public records. These records can be accessed by visiting government offices or through searching public data online.

What are not considered public records?

There are some categories of records that can prompt the government not to give access to the public. These include but are not limited to;

  • Checkmark - official records about national security Official records which have information about national security
  • Checkmark - geographic and geological information Geographic and geological information
  • Checkmark - medical records Medical files
  • Checkmark - information that is exempt under certain laws Certain information that is exempt under certain laws

How can I search public records?

Public records data can be found by doing a public record search online or by visiting a government office or library. While doing an online search for records, some data may be missing or not uploaded.

Reverse Phone Lookups

Performing a reverse phone lookup is a way to help you to find out who called when you have received a call from an unknown phone number. Simply by searching a phone number in a database through a reverse phone lookup, you can help identify the caller’s name, address, and more. Gaining information about a phone number can be beneficial for multiple reasons.

  • Check records for a person’s name verification

    Owner Name

    Check public records for a potential alias
  • Flag inaccurate address information


    Residency address verification
  • Airplane icon


    Locate email addresses

How does reverse phone lookup work?

To perform a reverse phone number lookup, enroll in’s reverse phone lookup membership here and start by entering the phone number you want to search including the area code. Keep in mind, your results will vary depending on if you searched for a landline or cell phone number.

How does a reverse phone lookup help you?

  1. Checkmark - Find the identity Find the identity of a person using a phone number
  2. Checkmark - Avoid callers It helps you avoid callers you don’t want to speak to
  3. Checkmark - Prevent phone scams Can also prevent phone scams and hacking attempts

What information will I gain from using the reverse phone lookup membership?

After joining’s reverse phone lookup membership you will have access to perform up to ten reverse phone lookups per week. The information available may include the phone number owner’s;

  • Check - name of the caller Name
  • Check - address of the caller Address
  • Check - gender of the caller Gender
  • Check - job history of the caller Job history
  • Check - education of the caller Education
  • Check - email address of the caller Email addresses
  • Check - dwelling type of the caller Type of dwelling they live in
  • Check - social profile of the caller Number of social profile accounts

Additional Information About Phone Numbers

Phone Numbers as Authentication Factors

Phone numbers are also used as a tool to verify a user’s identity for providing secure access; it is considered part of a multifactor authentication program, which is linked with your contact information. By verifying your phone number, it helps you access your bank, social media accounts, and more if you forget your password. Additionally, you may receive a message alerting you if a possible suspicious login is detected.

Phone Numbers and Security

Because our phone numbers are needed for a variety of data processing needs, it is a piece of personal information you can’t stop from giving out; otherwise, you will get no calls. This piece of information, in the wrong hands can lead to a phone scam, or even identity theft. Simply because most of our accounts are linked with our phone number.

If your phone number has been hacked and you are worried about security, report it to the concerned authorities. The reporting agency will help you in closing down your phone number and try to limit the damage.

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