Public Records and why they are important

Can anyone use Public Records?

First let us explain the term public record. It's not always easy to define and can be confusing because it is such a broad term. Public records are any information available to the public when reviewing official reports. An example of a public record most of us have encountered is looking up a phone number in a phone directory.

Government records are one source of public records, however, not all government records are available to the general public. There are several government regulations involving the types of releasable data, record storage and distribution. In most cases across the United States, the term "public record" refers to the public records of an individual person. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) governs the release of all government public records and has made many government records available to the public. The most often viewed public records concerning individuals are:

  • Criminal Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Birth Records
  • Death Records
  • Divorce Records

Using the Reverse Phone Lookup

Did you get a call from an unrecognized phone number? Maybe a blind date set up by a friend with someone you don't know much about? Learning just a little bit can go a long way. You can get that info by doing a reverse phone lookup. A reverse phone lookup can make it easy to learn more about the people you interact with every day.

  • Owner Name

  • Address

  • Email

What does Reverse Phone Lookup cover?

We've all seen one of the many free phone number lookup sites. We just have to keep in mind that many of the "Free phone number lookup sites" will only include information about landline phones because cellular networks control access to the phone numbers in their system. Cellular companies do not allow access to their numbers for free. This means that tens of millions of numbers are just not accessible on free phone number sites because they can't afford to buy them.

Another piece is that free sites simply never allow criminal background checks. You may want to uncover public records and expand your search after using the reverse phone number lookup, but this is not possible on a free site.

Can this help me?

Our reverse phone number lookup most likely can get the information you are looking for by simply entering the number that pops up on your phone! With this service you will be able to:

  1. Avoid telemarketer calls
  2. Make harassing phone calls disappear
  3. Learn more about owners of anonymous numbers without having to call back
  4. Ward off people you want to avoid

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